Sharp Debridement Certificate Program

(Updated for 2017)

The Wild on Wounds National Convention is coming up  October 4-7, 2017 in Las Vegas. During the conference,  the Sharp Debridement Certificate Program will be presented and moderated by Bill Richlen PT, WCC, CWS of Infinitus LLC and Teresa Ferrante PTA, WCC of Grandview Hospital in Dayton OH.


Bill Richlen PT, WCC, CWS and Teresa Ferrante PTA, WCC

This session will be a Comprehensive presentation of wound bed preparation utilizing conservative sharp debridement. The session will include Anatomy & Physiology, implications and contraindications, techniques, tools, documentation, legal issues and policy development. The hands on lab practicum starts with all debridement instruments and supplies provided.

Participants will be awarded a Sharp Debridement Certificate upon completion of the program.

Check out Wild On Wounds National Convention for more information and accommodations.

For more information about becoming Wound Care Certified, please check our information about our Skin and Wound Management Course

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