Top WCEI Blogs of 2017

We’re excited to launch a new year of wound care topics. But first, we’re looking back at the WCEI blogs you liked best in 2017. Here are the year’s most read (and often most shared and discussed) posts. 

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1. Wet-to-Dry Dressings: Why Not?

What should wound care professionals do when a physician orders wet-to-dry dressings? Be prepared and know the facts.

Wet-to-Dry Dressings: Why Not?

2. Venous vs. Arterial Ulcers: What’s the Difference?

Need a handy trick for remembering the difference between venous vs. arterial ulcers? Visualization is a good place to start.

Venous vs. Arterial: What’s the Difference?


3. Wound Care Challenge: Skin Folds and ITD

How to identify and treat intertriginous dermatitis (ITD) within the skin folds among obese patients.

Skin Folds and ITD


4. Wound Care and Epibole: It’s All About the Edge

Can you spot an unhealthy wound edge? Learn more about the causes, prevention and treatment of epibole.

Wound Care and Epibole: It’s All About the Edge


5. Nine Wound Care Documentation Pitfalls to Avoid

Incomplete, illogical, and inconsistent records are far too common and won’t stand up under legal scrutiny. Avoid these pitfalls.

9 Wound Care Documentation Pitfalls to Avoid


6.  Wound Detective Series: Is It (Or Is It Not) Infected?

How can you tell if a wound is really infected? Learn how to spot the clues and be a skilled wound investigator.

Is it infected?


7. The Next Generation of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy

Why and when to consider using something more than traditional negative pressure wound therapy.

The Next Generation of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


8. When Your Patient Refuses to Be Turned and Repositioned—And Then Sues!

The battle between optimal medical care and patient rights is one to fight with empathy and finesse to keep it out of the courtroom.

When Your Patient Refuses to Be Turned and Repositioned—And Then Sues!



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Top Wound Care Education Institute Blogs of 2017 - We're excited for the year ahead! But first, let's look back at the top WCEI blog posts of 2017. Here are the articles you read, shared and discussed the most.

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