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Wound Care That Makes Money and Sense: Patient Reimbursement

Monday, July 4th, 2011


Wound Care That Makes Money and Sense:  Patient Reimbursement will be presented by Cheryl Robillard PT, WCC, CLT , National Alliance of Wound care Board of Directors at this year’s Wild on Wounds National Conference in Las Vegas in September 7-10, 2011

In this advanced session, we will review appropriate PT treatments for wound care.  Attendees will receive details on which PT services are reimbursable.  We will also discuss other services such as laser, which is not reimbursed, yet can be very effective.  Attendees will receive instruction on how to determine what is reimbursed through the study of Medicare national and local coverage decisions, learn how to provide those treatments in a cost effective manner, and discuss the required documentation and coding to ensure reimbursement.  Advance your knowledge in the PT reimbursement process.

This session will certainly be well attended by those interested in learning more about reimbursement.

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