What Caused the wound in the first place?


So you think your assessment skills are top notch? You say you can differentiate the types of wounds you encounter daily? What about the causes of these wounds?

As a wound care certified nurse, therapist, or physician, we should be looking at more than just the wound. Understanding the cause of the wound may just lead to the answer of how to treat the wound. I know that sounds like a novel idea but how often does the cause just keep chronically repeat itself ?

A combination of compliance and repetitive cause may be an issue but we as professionals need to look past the wound and pay attention to the cause. Eliminating the cause or at least minimizing the effects of causation can make a difference in the long term result of healing the wound.

As always, fine tuning your wound assessment skills is a good idea.

If you would like to take your assessment skills to the next level, consider becoming Wound Care Certified and utilize that knowledge to better care for your patients.

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