Lower Extremity Ulcers: What are the costs?

How many of you are taking care of lower extremity wounds? They seem to be very common to the wound care specialists. It appears that many of you are taking care of these wounds on a day to day basis. Costs are staggering for health care. Not only are lower extremity ulcersĀ  monetarily costly in supplies, but the time we spend on education and actually treating the patients that have these wounds are costly.

What do you think the average costs are for treating a lower extremity ulcer? $10,000? $20,000? $30,000? What would you say if the costs were actually averaging $40,000 for the treatment of just one lower extremity ulcer? Hard to believe huh? Take a look at this video below as Donna Sardina RN briefly describes the costs of lower extremity ulcers.

As wound care certified nurses, we are called to care for individuals who have wounds. You can imagine what the costs are to care for these individuals and their wounds. If you are interested in becoming wound care certified, check out http://www.wcei.net for more information on the Wound Care Education Institute’s Wound Care Certification Course.

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