Wound Care Utility Belt

Ok Wound Care Certified Heroes, here is a blog post for you! I was playing with my kids this weekend and reflecting upon my childhood. The toys and tools that the kids were playing and using was one of the topics of discussion among the adults. Despite sharing some nostalgia with one of my daughters from when I was a whipper snapper and hearing her laugh as I educated her as to what an Audio Tape was and that it contained music that one could listen to on a “Walkman”, I found myself thinking of Wound Care. As the laughter continued, we all discussed ‘tools’ of trade.

As a fan of Superhero Comics, you know Batman and Superman and the like, I was pondering over their super powers and tools that they use to fight the evil villains and arch enemies. Much like those super heroes, Wound Care Certified Professionals are Heroes that fight similar nemeses daily. So the questions to you, heroes, are “What tools do you use daily in your fight against wounds?” “What do you keep in your ‘Utility Belt’ arsenal?”

Is there something you use in your daily practices that you just can’t do without? What are your tools of choice? Have you been having success with any particular dressings or devices? What say you? Naturally, there are various categories of dressings and some of which we have reviewed here at the Wound care Education Institute over the past few weeks. We will continue to revisit these and discuss these tools to help heal and treat wounds.

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