Pressure Ulcer Etiology

WCEI Instructor Cindy Broadus RN reviews Pressure Ulcer Etiology with the WCC candidates in a recent class in Philadelphia PA. Below is a little video from a Skin and Wound Management Course in which Pressure Ulcer Etiology is discussed. Cindy demonstrates how if the skin and soft tissue is compressed or squeezed together by weight or tension, the blood vessels collapse and tissue necrosis follows.


Additionally, the Clinical presentation and characteristics of Pressure Ulcers are discussed in part in this video. Some of the characteristics include:

  • Rounded, crater-like shapes (not always round)
  • regular edges
  • usually develop over a bony prominence (not always over a bone)
  • will take on the shape of the object that caused the pressure

Typical anatomical locations that pressure ulcers are found include: (Top 5)

  • Sacral/Coccyx
  • Greater Trochanter
  • Ischial Tuberosity
  • Heel
  • Lateral Malleolus

The progression of Breakdown is as follows:

  1. Hyperemia
  2. Tissue Ischemia
  3. Tissue Necrosis
  4. Ulceration

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