Pressure Relief Modalities for Wound Care- Exoskeletons?

Pressure Relief Modalities for Wound Care are topics of concern that every wound care certified clinician must consider in their treatment plans for their patients. Some of the common pressure relieving devices include gel pads or cushions, position devices, low air loss and alternating pressure mattresses. Today, I caught a glimpse of what may help some patients in their fight against pressure ulcers on some parts of their bodies due to immobility and consistent pressure to certain parts of the body.

Rex the Robotic Exoskeleton may sound like something out of the future, but I assure you the future has arrived. Check out the video below. From a wound care clinician’s perspective, I immediately was intrigued by what I saw in terms of what the future may hold for pressure relief, mobility management and treatment for patients that suffer from chronic pressure ulcers and wounds.

Some of the immediate benefits that came to mind include but are not limited to:

  • Pressure Relief to the sacral and ischial areas
  • Improved circulation through mobility
  • Decreased atrophy
  • Improved Dignity

So what are your thoughts on this type of technology and what it may mean to the treatment of patients with wounds? I know costs would be a concern, but we should consider the costs of long term wound care treatments and how technology advancements like the Rex Robotic Exoskeleton would mean. It appears that the quality of life for the young man in the video was considerably enhanced. What say you?

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