Become Wound Care Certified with the Skin and Wound Management Course by WCEI

Our Skin and Wound Management Course is designed to provide participants with the best practices in wound care, the science behind healing wounds, and the most current standards of practice.  At the end of the course, for those that pursue wound certification the National Alliance of Wound Care® provides the  WCC® exam.  Click here to view our detailed course curriculum.

Become Wound Care Certified with WCEI’s Wound Care Course
Or just simply take the course for your own knowledge and benefit.  Our wound certification course is an informative and empowering week for anyone interested in learning more about healing wounds.

Individuals who are not eligible for wound care certification may also attend the course. Wound-related product sales representatives or other non-clinicians can gain valuable insight into the business and science of wound care, thus giving them an edge over their competition.

Wound Care Certification

WCEI’s Skin and Wound Management Course meets the pre-requisite requirement for the National Alliance of Wound Care® (NAWC®) certification exam. Eligible participants are given the option to take the wound examination onsite.  Please click here to view the requirements for wound care certification.

The Wound Care Certification Exam

The NAWC® Wound Care Certification Examination is administered at the conclusion of the course for those who meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the certification exam. The test is administered by NAWC – the National Alliance of Wound Care.

The Advantages of Wound Care Certification

  • Earning a wound specialist certification offers many advantages and benefits including:
  • Increased consumer/patient confidence
  • Feelings of pride, self-satisfaction and confidence for the certified wound specialist
  • Enhanced career opportunities and accelerated career advancement including higher pay levels
  • Professional acknowledgement, recognition, and respect
“Being certified has made a great difference in my professional life!”

–Deb Hans, RN, WCC®, Loxahatchee, FL

Course Atmosphere

The Skin and Wound Management Course is taught in a fun, relaxed and professional environment.  The classes are upbeat, positive, high energy, and designed specifically for health care professionals.  Classes are interactive to maintain participants’ energy and interest levels; and all of the instructors are dynamic presenters who use lots of visuals, a variety of learning styles, interesting examples and humor as part of their instruction styles.  We promise you won’t be bored.

Here’s what one satisfied participant had to say about WCEI’s wound care certification program:

“Thanks for such a great experience. … The classes were never boring; there was always something new  that I was learning.    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! “

–Sue Tredenick, LPN, WCC®, Lansdowne, PA

Course Content

WCEI’s Skin and Wound Management Course is a  four or five-day wound care training seminar consisting of classroom training.

For 5-Day Class Sessions

Days 1-4

Concentrated all-day wound care training sessions
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Day 5
NAWC® Wound Care Certification Examination 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM (Administered by National Alliance of Wound Care®) following WCEI’s wound care training.

4-Day Class sessions vary and may be customized to meet group needs.

Wound Care Training Course — Curriculum

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy/Physiology of Skin
Physiological Process of Wound Healing


Wound Assessment – Etiology – Characteristics
Wound Management Interventions
Wound Bed Preparation
Arterial, Vascular, and Diabetic Ulcers
Special Wound Care Needs
Adjunctive Treatment Modalities
Nutritional Management
Bacterial Burden
Continuity of Care


Evidence-based Practice Guidelines
Change, Conflict Management, Communication
Patient/Family Education
National Health Care Issues
Legal/Ethical Aspects, Quality of Care Issues
Cost Management/Budgeting
Professional Responsibilities
Resource Utilization
Wound Care Team
Coordination of Services – Multidisciplinary Approach

Our wound care training is practical, valuable, interesting, fun, high-energy and interactive.  Taught by top-notch, up-beat, high-energy instructors, the classes are specifically designed to hold the interest and maintain the energy level of health care professionals used to being active in their jobs.

Here’s what one WCEI wound care training participant had to say about our course:

“The course was superbly organized, information presented in excellent and interactive way. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive. I am very pleased with everything and will sincerely recommend the course to my colleagues.”

–Mario Skobic, MD, WCC®, LaCross, WI

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