The Diabetic Foot A house of Cards

The Wild on Wounds National Convention is coming up  September 23-25, 2010 in Las Vegas. Continuing in our session highlights, The Diabetic Foot: A House of Cards? will be presented by Jeffrey Jensen DPM FACFAS, Diabetic Foot and Wound Center, Denver CO

In this two part session, attendees will receive an overview of diabetic foot ulcer care-highlighted priorities and multiple needs of this difficult patient. We’ll discuss neuropathy, and understanding its role in diabetes. Our top-line priorities will include infection and perfusion. We’ll also look at outpatient challenges including debridement, off loading, wound dressings and compliance. Emphasis will be placed on clinical ramification if the needs aren’t met

There will be Two Parts to this offered session ( the first being a pre-requisite for Part 2)

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