Podoconiosis African Adventures in Wound Care and Lymphedema Treatment

The Wild on Wounds National Convention is coming up  September 23-25, 2010 in Las Vegas. Continuing in our session highlights, Podoconiosis: African Adventures in Wound Care and Lymphedema Treatment will be presented by Robyn Bjork MPT, WCC, CLT

Evre dream of making a global difference with your wound care skills? Your help is desperately needed in the remote villages in Ethiopia. Robyn Bjork shares her African adventures as she struggles to develop a wound care program for 100,000 Ethiopians afflicted by Podoconiosis or “Mossy Foot Disease”. In a place where people live in mud huts and carry water from nearby streams, banana leaves and indigenous raw honey are utilized. Learn how you can join an unprecedented pilot program aimed at global eradication of a debilitating and stigmatized condition. You may find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime!

For more information about the Wild on Wound National Conference or to register, please check out http://www.wcei.net/wow-conference

For more information about the Wound Care Education Institute and their Skin and Wound Management Course, please visit http://www.wcei.net/course_info

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