Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide

Continuing in or Wound Care Resources Series, we will be featuring the Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide. As Wound Care Certified professionals, one of our responsibilities is to educate our patients and peers as well as staying informed.

Today we will be sharing information about a Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide, that is available through WoundCentral.com.¬† When you’re stuck and want an answer quickly, this pocket guide is the book you’ll want on your clipboard or by your keyboard. This guide is an indispensable reference¬† for wound care clinicians and consultants. Its a slim book covers the essential information needed to effectively assess and document skin and wound problems. Rather than dig through large books looking for the information you need, you can use this pocket guide to get the answers quickly.

The Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide is a detailed summary of the reference materials that you need on a daily basis for accurate and precise skin and wound assessments.

The Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide includes:

  • Documentation Tips
  • Descriptive Terminology
  • Wound Characteristics
  • Wound Classifications and Staging Systems
  • Topical Products
  • Bedside Tests
  • Product Manufacturer Directory

For more information on this Wound and Skin Care Pocket Guide, please visit WoundCentral.com

For more information about the Wound care Education Institute and the Skin and Wound Management Course, please visit www.WCEI.net

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