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As Wound Care Certified professionals, one of our responsibilities is to educate our patients and peers as well as staying informed. In a series of upcoming blog posts, Wound Care Resources Series, we will be sharing information about available resources to our Wound Care Certified and Health Care provider community.

Today we will be sharing information about a Wound Photo CD Resource that is available through WoundCentral.com. This CD is filled with various images of wounds and skin conditions for use in educational and training programs. On this CD you will find images of pressure ulcers, lesions, venous and arterial wounds, diabetic wounds and close up pictures of tissue types. This CD is a great for adding visual reinforcement to you educational activities.

The Wound Photo CD has over 150 photographic images in high quality JPEG Format. All images can be downloaded into other programs or printed. This is perfect for Powerpoint Presentations.

Image Categories include:

  • Skin Lesions
  • Lower Extremity Wounds
  • Tissue Types
  • Surgical Wounds
  • Tissue Types
  • Other Wounds
  • Miscellaneous

You can find more information about this Wound Photo CD or purchase this resource at WoundCentral.com

For more information about becoming Wound Care Certified and our Skin and Wound Management Course, please visit http://www.wcei.net/course_info

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