NAWC Observes National Diabetes Awareness Month with Introduction of DWC Credential

Diabetic Wound Certified

National Alliance of Wound Care® (NAWC®) Observes National Diabetes Awareness Month with the Introduction of Its DWC® Diabetic Wound Certified Credential

Sadly, more than 23 million Americans and 246 million individuals world-wide suffer from Diabetes. This preventable disease is the leading cause of non traumatic lower-limb amputations, contributing to the staggering rate of limb amputations which occur every 30 seconds. Proper wound care can prevent most diabetic related amputations, however, up until now there has been a limited opportunity for healthcare clinicians to specialize in the care of diabetic wounds. Thanks to the NAWC, our Nation’s largest and fastest growing wound care credentialing board, there is a new advanced wound care certification designed to address this universal epidemic.
This specialized certification will help fill the dramatic need for more qualified wound care clinicians in the growing field of diabetic wounds. Current certified wound care professionals can now advance their expertise in the care of diabetic wounds by obtaining the DWC. “The DWC is the first multispecialty, advanced credential in diabetic wounds and opens the door for advancement to thousands of certified wound care clinicians”, said Debbie Hecker RN, MBA, WCC, and Executive Director of the National Alliance of Wound Care.
In recognition of National Diabetes Month, the NAWC welcomes all certified wound care clinicians to consider striving for the DWC credential. The DWC credential will be available starting in early 2011. The need for better patient education and proper wound care is critical to fight and manage this growing disease. To learn more about the DWC credential and the National Alliance of Wound, visit their website at

To learn more about National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day November 14, visit the American Diabetes Association website.

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