Awareness and Assessment Skills


I saw this video recently on YouTube and it got me thinking about assessment skills when it comes to wounds. As Wound Care Certified Professionals, we are held to a higher standard and our biggest skill and tool is our assessment skill set. The video above is a fun video and if your awareness is top notch you may have seen the Moonwalking Bear during the first segment of the video. However, if you didn’t see the Moonwalking Bear, you may have seen it in the second segment.

Didn’t see it? Stop reading here and take another looksie at the video. It was easy to miss. Thats my point. What are you missing in your wound assessments? Are we so busy, just ‘changing the bandage’ and getting to the end of our day to miss what may be happening with our patients? I know you may be saying, that we are forced to move quickly because we have so many patients on our case load or to see during the course of our day. It doesn’t take long to miss something that may be vital to the outcome of our wound care.

What do you think?


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