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New Year 2011 - Greetings
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Happy New Year from the Wound Care Education Institute. As 2011 gets under way, many people make New Year Resolutions of one sort or another. Maybe some of the resolutions include losing weight, get organized, or buying a new house. Others may include to take a long needed vacation or spend more time with one’s family. Some focus their resolution on their careers.

For those of us providing health care, more specifically wound care, one of our career resolutions may be to heal more wounds. For those of us that are Wound Care Certified, we can use what we have learned to stomp out those pesky wounds we see on a daily basis. We can help educate the patients and the family members or loved ones of the patients we treat. We can teach them to care for their wounds and their overall health in ways that they may not have understood. This may include teaching them about their ‘disease’ processes or simply about their medications and how to apply their wound care dressings.

Others who may not be Wound Care Certified yet, may make their New Year Resolution to finally get Wound Care Certified. The Wound Care Education Institute can’t wait to make your Resolution possible. Its rewarding to see others who were looking forward to taking the Skin & Wound Management Course and NAWC Certification Examination. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with two nurses, Donna and Stacy, who enrolled in the class and passed the exam.

Donna is a nurse who recently took the class in early 2010. In fact she went through the Preceptor Program to be eligible for sitting for the NAWC Exam. I was speaking with Donna recently and I learned that she found a new position in Pennsylvania as a Wound Care Nurse at a Hyperbaric Wound care Center. I remember being Donna’s Preceptor and the challenges she had to go through. She made some sacrifices and I remember clearly that she said, “This is what I want to do. I don’t care what I have to do, but nothing is going to get in the way of me becoming Wound Care Certified. I will be a Wound Care Certified Nurse.”

How’s that for a Resolution? Good luck Donna! I know you’ll be an awesome Wound Care Nurse!

I had an opportunity to work with another nurse, Stacy, in a different capacity. She worked for a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company as a Clinical Support Nurse. While working for a wound care center, Stacy helped out in various ways that made getting our patients what they needed from the DME much easier and seamless. At some point, I had the opportunity to visit the DME office and inservice their sales personnel about Wound Care and some more common wounds that we typically see in a clinic. Stacy and I remained in touch and she showed interest in becoming Wound Care Certified. I encouraged her to go for it and take the class. Recently, Stacy contacted me and said she would be taking the class in Boston in November. Due to circumstances, she ended up switching classes and attended the class in Carolina. It was awesome to hear that she loved the class as well as learning all about wounds and wound care from her instructor. It was even better to hear her excited voice when she called with the good news that she passed the exam.

WCEI loves to hear these stories. We know that there are many more out there about those that wanted to take the course and eventually did and successfully passed the exam. We know that there are more Resolutions out there to get Wound Care Certified.

What Resolutions do you have for 2011?

What do you think?


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