Wound Assessment Basics : Parts 1,2, and 3

Wound Assessment

Wound Assessment Basics : Parts 1,2, and 3 will be presented at this year’s Wild on Wounds National Conference in Las Vegas NV at Caesars Palace by Nancy Morgan RN, BSN, MBA, WOCN, WCC, CWCMS and Co-Founder of WCEI.

The basics are often forgotten. At times, we need a refresher to take us back to the basics. Join us in this 3-part session as we identify wound etiology and discuss tissue types. We’ll revisit the 2007 Pressure Ulcer Staging Guidelines and address pressure ulcer staging. But we won’t stop there, as we look at skin lesions, discuss wound pain-and no assessment is complete without proper documentation. We’ll talk about the requirements for proper documentation.

How are your Wound Assessment and Documentation skills? Need a Refresher?

For More Information on the Wound Care Education Institute and WOW 2011, Check out Wild On Wounds National Conference.

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