Diabetic Foot Ulcer Case Studies: Not All DFU’s are the Same

Diabetic Foot Wounds

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Case Studie: Not All DFU’s are the same will be presented by Jeffrey Jensen DPM, FACFAS, Dean of Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine at this year’s Wild On Wounds National Conference in Las Vegas, September 7-10, 2011

Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot ulcerations goes far beyond which dressing to use at a particular time. In this session we will discuss time tested diagnostic approaches, treatment guidelines, and the latest in technologies to assist in healing this difficult patient population.

This dove tails nicely to those who have already obtained their DWC (Diabetic Wound Certification) and for those considering taking the course through the Wound Care Education Institute. If you are coming to this year’s Wild on Wounds National Conference, make sure you catch this session.

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