Who Says Wound Care Can’t Be Fun!

The Wild on Wounds annual conference is dedicated to spreading the knowledge needed to be a successful wound care practitioner. wow_boxing_ad

It is a multidisciplinary event providing exciting learning opportunities and a whole lot of fun!

To deliver a knock-out blow to chronic wounds, you need the passion and desire to achieve your goal and the know-how to turn that desire into results. This event will inspire you and give you the “moves and fancy footwork” needed to deliver positive results for your wound patients.  It is designed for the hands-on practitioner looking for evidence-based knowledge and tools to make a difference right away.

Conference Highlights:

  • 49 sessions covering the latest in evidence-based wound care
  • 21 “HOW-TO”  series of sessions to choose from
  • 7 “HANDS-ON” series of sessions to choose from
  • 4 Days of networking opportunities
  • Invitation to our 10th Anniversary Black & White Gala open to all main attendees
  • And More!

For complete details visit www.woundseminar.com

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