You Can Do It! Five Steps to Become a WOW Poster Presenter

You’re only five steps away from taking your wound case to Las Vegas as a Wild On Wounds poster presenter.

You Can Do It! 5 Steps to Present Your Wound Care Poster at the WOW Conference


Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned conference goer, nothing compares to the experience of attending the annual Wild on Wounds (WOW) National Conference. Not only are there plenty of options for academic- and research-oriented clinicians, this event also provides real-world wound care education, networking and solutions for professionals who treat wound patients at the bedside. It also provides a great opportunity for individuals who have experienced a particularly challenging or interesting wound care case to share what they have learned in a poster presentation.

WOW Poster Presentations

Every year, one of the highlights of WOW is the poster presentations. In fact, being named a poster presenter can be one of the most satisfying moments of your professional career. Past presenters will often tell you that the process is challenging (in a good way), invigorating, and makes you feel thrilled to be an active part of the conference agenda. Networking and sharing with clinicians who are excited to learn about your case can enhance your entire conference experience, as you will gain confidence and feel proud of your capacity to be successful in healing.

But presenters aren’t the only ones who benefit – your facility will too. Your poster can be exhibited at an open house, or it can be a useful tool when teaching wound care skills to your associates. Your facility’s status can be elevated from your wound-care success and credibility. And your marketing staff can create hand-outs to show discharge planners and physicians how to enhance admissions and patient flow, and find ways to use your experience as a promotions tool.

The best part? You get to go to Las Vegas for the whole WOW experience!

Five Steps to Awesomeness

You’ve probably seen a conference poster session before and thought, “Hey, I’ve had a wound-care success story that would be perfect for this!” But then you probably considered your busy work and personal schedule, and the thought of tackling such a time-consuming and monumental task felt impossible. Even with a good dose of motivation, where do you begin?

It’s not as complicated as you think. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to just plunge in once you know the how-tos to make it happen. That’s why we are so excited to break it down for you right here.

Step 1:

Select your wound case study.  Almost every clinician has a success story to share. Hopefully, documentation and pictures (with patient consent) to use are already in place or are easily obtained.

Step 2:

Write an abstract. And in case you’re thinking, “But wait, what is that anyway?” here’s your answer. An abstract is a summary of the information and outcome of the case(s) you want to present. A good abstract will make the reader want to learn more about your case and accept it as a poster ( a sample abstract is included here for your review). It should be 300 words or less, and include just five paragraph sections plus the title. Here’s how it should be structured:

  1. Purpose – your reason for writing the case study
  2. Objective – what does this case study attempt to solve?
  3. Methodology – what was your approach / what did you do for the patient?
  4. Results – what was the outcome of that treatment?
  5. Conclusion – how does this case add to the knowledge of treatment?

The case study or studies may include a particularly interesting case, challenging wounds, or multiple wounds of the same or varying etiology. The case(s) should be appealing to all attendees at WOW.

Step 3:

Submit your abstract.  Review the submission guidelines. Then fill in and submit the online submission form.  This year’s form is due by June 30. We can help you with the process, if needed, and will notify you of your abstract’s acceptance. If accepted, you will then create your poster from the abstract.

Step 4: 

Create your poster. If you don’t have the computer skills to do it yourself, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources out there to create the graphic part of it for you (like FedEx, for example). Your product representative might also be able to assist with graphics if you used their product in the care of the wound. They will most likely jump at the chance have some good exposure in front of conference attendees.

Step 5:

Bring your poster to WOW and hang it in your reserved area. At the poster session, there will be clinicians will be eager to discuss your work with you … and the fun of sharing begins! And bonus? There is also an award for best poster. Read all about the experience of a former poster winner in our blog, “Destination WOW? Be a Poster Presenter.”

Poster Questions & Answers?

The poster presentations are such an exciting part of WOW, and we hope you’ll choose to be a part of it. Do you have questions or comments about this process? Please leave them here. And if you’re a past poster presenter, we’d love to read your reflections on the experience, and any words of wisdom you have for future first-time presenters. Let us know what you think by contributing your comments below.

Wild on Wounds℠ (WOW) is the national wound conference designed for healthcare professionals who are interested in enhancing their knowledge in skin and wound management. Clinicians come from all over the US to see, touch and participate in our hands-on workshops. They also learn about all the new and advanced wound care treatments and technologies to better help care for their patients.  For more information visit

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