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Wound Detective Series: When Wounds Won’t Heal

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Here’s how wound care detectives can solve the mystery of chronic wounds that fail to heal.




Ready for some serious detective work? In this case, our focus is on those chronic wounds that just won’t heal, including epibole (which happens in full thickness wounds). And as we know, this rolled wound edge inhibits healing. But why does this happen with some wounds and not others?

Put on your Wound Detective hat, get out your magnifying glass, and look for the signs and symptoms in your patient’s wound bed, including color, tissue type and odor.


PuriCore Announces Clinical Results for Vashe Wound Therapy in Post-Operative Care of Skin Grafts on Burns

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


PuriCore announced results of a randomized clinical trial showing the potential effectiveness of its Vashe Wound Therapy in the post-operative care of split-thickness skin grafts for burn injuries. Vashe Wound Therapy is an FDA-cleared medical device used for moistening, irrigating, cleaning, and debriding acute and chronic wounds including stage I through IV pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, abrasions, and minor irritations of the skin. Vashe Wound Therapy is a medical device that produces a biocompatible solution to enhance the clinical management of acute and chronic wounds and has been used successfully and without report of adverse events in more than 100,000 wound treatments. It is designed to be a safe, effective and economical alternative to commonly used wound irrigating solutions that inhibit wound healing.

Does your institution have a protocol that includes irrigation or ‘cleansing’ of wounds? If so, what solutions are you using in your wound care practices? What effect is it having on your wound healing or incidence of infections? The Wound Care Education Institute is interested in your thoughts and discussion about wound care.What say you?

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