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Standards of Care: We are all in this together

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Do you sometimes feel as if you are in this whole thing alone? I mean do you feel like taking care of someone is sometimes just you doing the whole thing by yourself? I know I feel like it from time to time. Now I know that what I feel isn’t actually true as others are involved in the care of the patients in our care. Knowing that, we should all be aware of standards of care! Everyone from the CNA to the Administrator, Nurses and Doctors are involved in the delivery of care to our patients. Being aware of that should keep us protected and encourage us to deliver proper care to our patients. Being aware of the Standards of Care is our responsibility. Awareness and knowledge strengthens us as care givers and improves the value and the standards of care we provide to those very patients.

Unfortunately, not everyone is up to date on the standards of care. Below is a video in which WCEI’s co-founder Donna Sardina RN discusses Standards of Care and an unfortunate case of malpractice and manslaughter in which a host of care givers were arrested, charged and found guilty for negligence.

As Wound Care Certified Nurses, Doctors and Therapists, it is up to us to deliver the Standard of Care to all of our patients. If you are interested in learning today’s Standards of Care regarding Wound Care and would like more information on Wound Care Certification, visit