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Wild on Wounds 2015: Exhibitor Spotlight

Friday, June 26th, 2015
Robert Lang

Robert Lange CWCMS, National Accounts Manager

Southwest Technologies, Inc., brings innovative technologies and solutions to the wound care industry

According to Robert Lange, the tagline of Southwest Technologies, Inc. (SWT), isn’t meaningless lip service. Treating the World Well is a statement that drives company philosophy and the actions of its employees.

“We truly want to help caregivers heal patients,” says Lange, National Accounts Manager. “We are always patient-centered, which is why we enjoy being a part of the Wild on Wounds annual conference and sharing our products with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable attendees.”

Lange and other SWT educators will be on-site at the 2015 WOW National Conference in Las Vegas to answer questions, perform hands-on product demonstrations, offer training and product sample give-aways. Located at Booth #434, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the newest collagen research, and have access to new assessment tools that have been developed to better support practices and make wound care easier.

“As most people in our industry will tell you, evidence-based treatment is in the forefront of wound-care trends,” says Lange. “Caregivers will change the way they approach treatment, and will greater emphasize proven methods over inexpensive solutions in order to gain better results.”

Lange says the SWT products that include Elasto-gel™, Gold Dust®, Stimulen® and NectaCare® will positively support the continuum of care for the patient and care-giver throughout all healthcare settings.  He says the company’s proven technologies backed by evidence-based research make care plans less cumbersome. “Our products are easy to use, help support positive outcomes, and are truly cost-effective,” he says. “They meet the needs of the patient, caregivers and wound characteristics, including types and etiologies.”

Lange, who has been trained and certified as a Wound Care Market Specialist (CWCMS®) by the Wound Care Education Institute®, says the WOW conference is really special. “It’s the perfect combination of high energy and knowledge-based programming.” He says that when attendees truly want to learn and interact with exhibitors, the better the experience is for everyone.

“The open forum allows for attendees to get all their questions answered, and to learn more about specific topics that are so crucial in our industry,” Lange says. This will be SWT’s fifth WOW Conference.

Wild on Wounds is the annual conference dedicated to continuing education for all clinicians interested in healing wounds. Click here for complete details and to register online.


Lymphedema Certification for Wound Care Certified Clinicians

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy in partnership with Wound Care Education Institute introduces the new Lymphedema Certification for Wound Care Certified Clinicians

Wound care certified clinicians know that edemas of all types interfere with wound healing and that skillful management of edema is essential for successful wound healing.  As such, there is a growing awareness that lymphology and the principles of comprehensive treatment of lymphedema are closely connected to optimal wound care. In short, if you can manage lymphedema you can manage all edemas.

Course locations and schedule:

Date:       FEBRUARY 12-16, 2011
Location:  HOLIDAY INN
San Francisco International Airport
275 S. Airport Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94080
Ph:  650-873-3550
Registration Form click here
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Certificate of Completion:
LLE (Lymphedema Lower Extremity)

This certification program leads to earning a new credential as a Lymphedema Lower Extremity (LLE) therapist.  The LLE is an advanced certification that demonstrates a candidate’s proficiency and mastery of essential knowledge and skills of lymphedema lower extremity wound management, beyond general wound care certification.

Lower extremity lymphedema, edema and wound management are specialized areas that focuses on overall skin care and promotion of an optimal wound environment. This course will allow the wound specialist to:

  • Improve his/her skills and enhance professional practice by optimally managing edema in the wound environment
  • build a theoretical and practical bridge between the two important specialties of lymphedema management and wound care

Recognizing that Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) provides the Gold Standard for edema management, and building on the wound care certified clinician’s command of wound healing, this course will encompass the following:

  • deliver theoretical and practical instruction in the fundamentals of lymphedema treatment
  • highlight the integral connection between the lymphatic system and swelling seen in Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  • adapt the methods and rationale of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Short-Stretch Compression Bandaging to the wound care certified clinician’s toolbox.

By first building a foundation in treatment of lower extremity lymphedema, the student is then able to approach edema control in wound healing from the perspective of a lymphedema specialist. By keeping the focus on treatment of lymphedema in the lower extremities, this course provides comprehensive lymphedema instruction in a compact format while also providing specialized instruction for edema management in wound healing.


Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology, Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique), Short-Stretch Compression Bandaging, Compression Garments, Diagnosis, Complete Decongestive Therapy, Compression Theory

Specifically related to Wound Care
Manual Lymph Drainage for the wound patient, Interconnection between lymphatic system and peripheral vascular disease, Considerations for the Diabetic patient, Considerations for the insensate limb, Compression in combination with NPWT, Considerations for home care, Compression in the acute hospital setting, Choosing the appropriate home compression device, Customizing compression for odd-shaped limbs, compression for toe and forefoot wounds, modification of the basic lymphedema bandage.

Course Format

This 5-day course (Monday- Friday & Wednesday- Sunday) is a thoughtful blend of theoretical content and practical skill development supported with online didactic content. With the strong theoretical foundation accessed online, in-class time is dedicated primarily to development of hands-on skills. The successful student will first attain competence (or hone their skills) in treatment of lymphedema of the lower extremities, then by hands-on training, advance and adapt these new skills to various patient presentations typically seen in wound care. With the use of case presentations, this course is presented in a collegial, relaxed and interactive atmosphere that allows for free-flowing clinical discussion, helping to build critical-thinking skills that are as important as the manual skills learned. This course is taught by expert clinicians/educators who are passionate about both lymphedema treatment and wound care.

Course completion requirements: online home study and practical lab lesson plans

15 hours online study:
Prior to arrival at a scheduled course location all students will complete required reading of the provided, supportive published materials.  Accessing the online content modules via secure web portals students will complete several lessons with section-end multiple choices tests. Home study lessons are formatted as PowerPoint lectures with audio voiceover by Steve Norton, CDT Clinical Instructor, CLT-LANA and Norton School Executive Director.

45 hours of classroom study:
Following successful completion of the home study program students will meet at a pre-registered course location for a 5-day lab intensive course. Each day encompasses training from 8am – 6pm (one hour lunch). During this meeting practical elements of therapy will be demonstrated and practiced developing a high level of competency in the areas of manual Lymph Drainage and Compression bandaging techniques for the lower extremities.

Prerequisites to entry
Candidates for the Lymphedema Lower Extremity Certification examination must meet the following criteria:
1. Possess an active unrestricted license as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Physician or Physician’s Assistant
2. Possess current certification in wound care through one of the following nationally accredited programs:  WCC®, CWS®, CWOCN®, CWON®, or CWCN®, WOCNCB®

Continuing education units
This course has been approved by the California Nurses Association
for 60 continuing education hours.

Course Tuition —  $2997.00

Registration —  Please download “Registration form” for details

Course locations and schedule:

Date:       FEBRUARY 12-16, 2011
Location:  HOLIDAY INN
San Francisco International Airport
275 S. Airport Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94080
Ph:  650-873-3550
Additional class locations will be added soon.