Wild On Wounds: It’s a Wrap!

Published on September 21, 2016 by Keisha Smith, MA, CWCMS

Wound Care Rocks: a wrap-up of 2016 Wild On Wounds (WOW) National Conference in Las Vegas.

Wild On Wounds 2016: It’s a Wrap!

Wound Care Rocks was the theme as clinicians gathered from all over the world for the 2016 Wild On Wounds (WOW) National Conference in Las Vegas. The goal? To keep up with current standards of care and learn from the best with 42 didactic and interactive sessions.

It Was a Big Deal

The high-energy annual conference drew a record 1,257 attendees.  They came from every corner of the U.S., and as far away as Canada, Australia and Uganda. It was a gathering of nurses, therapists, physicians, students and industry experts with a passion for wound care, making it the premier wound care conference of the fall season. Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:


A Pre-Conference Showcase

Wednesday’s pre-conference featured two sold-out sessions. First, the dynamic duo of Bill Richelin, PT, CWS, WCC, DWC, and Teresa Ferrante, PTA, WCC, led a hands-on lab practicum in sharp debridement. Participants learned a number of things, including:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • implications and contraindications
  • techniques
  • tools
  • documentation
  • legal issues
  • policy development

Filled with their new knowledge, the participants picked up tools to hone their debridement skills and complete a performance check-off.


Hands-on lab practicum in sharp debridement at Wild On Wounds


Just down the hall, Christopher Miles, OT, CLT, CWCA, of mediUSA, presented “Medical Compression is a Dose-Dependent Medical Treatment,” to a sold-out crowd. In this session, he discussed the role of compression in wound healing, along with types, dosage and outcomes. Participants broke out into smaller groups to explore products and receive tips on proper application of compression.  If you missed it, you can view the session recording as an on-demand webinar and even earn education credit.


The Popular Buzz Report

Thursday morning’s main session began with a bang– the annual “Buzz Report”.  WCEI co-founders Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WOC, WCC, DWC, OMS, and Donna Sardina, RN, MHA, WCC, DWC, OMS, kicked things off with a rousing musical introduction of the WCEI clinical instructors. Next, they screened an emotionally stirring video of the WCEI story. With the audience revved up and ready to go, Donna presented all things buzzable in wound care – the latest breaking news about products, guidelines, resources and tools.


WOW 2016 Opening Session - Buzz Report


Action-Packed Sessions, Hands-On Demonstrations

With the Wild On Wounds conference in full swing, participants enjoyed sessions based on a wide range of wound-care topics.  For example, the ever-popular and always thought-provoking Michael S. Miller, DO, FACOS, FAPWCA, WCC, presented several sessions, including “Wound Pain Options for Treatment Without Losing Your License.” According to Dr. Miller, the role of pain in the wound-healing process has been under-addressed. Nonetheless, there are many promising new product categories and modalities. He talks about his session in the video below.



Another popular speaker, Nancy Collins, PhD, RDN, LD, FAPWCA, FAND, lectured on “The Secrets of the Scale: Understanding the Role of Body Composition in Wound Healing.”  She discussed how the loss of lean body mass affects patients’ functional independence and impairs wound healing. Participants were treated to free body composition analysis on a high-tech Seca mBCA device. At the end, each participant walked away with a one-page report of their fat and fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass and visceral adipose tissue, along with intra- and extra-cellular water.


seca mBCA at WOW


Of course, the body composition analyzer was not the only hands-on demo of a cutting-edge product. The air was electric inside the Exhibit Hall, where leading experts in all areas of wound, ostomy and diabetic care spent one-on-one time with attendees. Whether it was through conversations or from nonstop opportunities to touch, feel, wear and operate all the newest dressings, devices and more, attendees embraced a learn it today use it tomorrow philosophy. The bottom line? The WOW conference upheld its reputation within the wound care industry for attracting the most engaged and enthusiastic wound clinicians in the country.

And Paying It Forward

The Wild On Wounds conference ended on an inspirational note as Donna Sardina led the closing session, “Paying It Forward.” This was a tribute to the ways that clinicians share their talents and skills, and make a positive impact within their communities.  Following Donna’s presentation, Nancy Morgan carried the mic throughout the room, Oprah-style, as participants shared their own ideas and stories.

Before wrapping up and saying good-bye, the session honored the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy’s Outstanding Achievement Award Winners for 2016:

Outstanding Research in Wound Care
Carol Johnson McGregor, ARNP, MSN, MBA, Ed.D, WCC

Outstanding Work in Diabetic Wounds
Katherine Lynn Broze, BA, RN, WCC, DWC, CFCN

Outstanding Achievement in Ostomy Management
Zoe White, RN, WCC, OMS

Outstanding WCC® of the Year
Jessica Mayfield, RN-BC, WCC (shown below)


Outstanding WCC® of the Year Jessica Mayfield, RN-BC, WCC


How was WOW for you?

Did you attend Wild On Wounds? We’d love to know what you liked most. What were your favorite moments of the conference? What types of sessions would you like to see on the agenda for next year? Please leave your ideas and reflections below.


Wild on Wounds℠ (WOW) is the national wound conference for healthcare professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in skin and wound management. Clinicians come from all over the US to see, touch and participate in our hands-on workshops. They also learn about new and advanced wound care treatments and technologies to better help care for their patients.  For details, visit www.wcei.net/national-conference/about-wow

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