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Venous vs. Arterial Ulcers: What’s the Difference?

By Bill Richlen, PT, WCC, DWC

Content updated in March 2021 When it comes to arterial and venous ulcers one would think that the difference would be fairly obvious since we are talking about two entirely different etiologies. Unfortunately, due to the lack of comprehensive chronic wound management education available to clinicians in their post-secondary education, many clinicians may not truly […]

Venous, Arterial or Mixed Ulcer…How Do I Know For Sure?

By Diana Ramirez-Ripp

Proper assessment is essential for differentiating between venous and arterial ulcers. Your patient has a lower extremity wound. You aren’t sure what exactly you are dealing with. You know you need to measure the ankle-brachial index (ABI), but as you wait for results, some of your wound assessment findings offer clues. Characteristics of Venous Ulcers […]