More wound care clinicians are using wound care apps when treating their patients.

Some clinicians use them on their own as an adjunct to the requirements of their employers. Others use a specific wound care app because it’s integrated in their employer’s electronic medical record systems.

Use of wound care apps is standard operating procedure and mandated when caring for wound patients.

Whatever category you find yourself in as a wound care clinician, here is a quick overview of three popular wound care apps for clinicians and one for patients.

These will keep you up to date on what’s out there in the world of wound care apps.

Nurse2Nurse wound care app

The Nurse2Nurse wound care app by KCI, an Acelity Company, was designed to be an online community of nurses and clinicians. It focuses on the treatment and care of patients with wounds from acute and traumatic to post-acute and chronic.

“It’s available to all practicing clinicians (though primarily focused on nursing) who have an iOS or Android phone,” said Ron Silverman, MD, FACS, chief medical officer at KCI in San Antonio, Texas. “The app does not require facility and health system implementation, and does not integrate into EMR systems.”

Key features of the Nurse2Nurse wound care app include:

  • Free to wound care nurses, but you must be invited to the participate in program by KCI (You can contact KCI and ask to join to be invited.)
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Sharing insights with wound care peers
  • Sharing photos, videos, web links and other information with fellow wound care clinicians
  • HIPPA compliant because it’s a closed clinical community of members

MyWoundHealing patient app

KCI an Acelity Company also has a wound app for patients called MyWoundHealing. The app can be downloaded by any patient, Silverman said.

This means patients do not need to be cared for by clinicians who use the Nurse2Nurse app or other wound care apps.

“The MyWoundHealing Mobile App is available on iOS phones and is designed to help patients take control of their experience while on V.A.C. Therapy,” Silverman said.

Key features of the MyWoundHealing patient wound care app include:

  • Daily task reminders
  • Simple supply reordering and educational content
  • Digital journal to which patients and clinicians can upload images and measurements
  • Connection to patients’ V.A.C. Therapy history
  • Access to a virtual therapy specialist and an after-hours hotline

Many of the features can improve the wound care process.

The ability to upload to the digital journal on the wound care app, for example, makes it easy to track wound healing progress over time, Silverman said.

The ability to connect to a patient’s therapy history also can improve care.

“If a patient is on our ACTIV.A.C. Therapy System with iOn PROGRESS Remote Therapy Monitoring, they will be connected within the app and will be able to view their V.A.C. Therapy history each day,” he said.

Having access to a therapist and hotline 24/7 also helps you meet patient needs quickly.

“This enables patients to ask questions around the clock and receive real-time guidance, promoting adherence and putting them at ease,” he said.

Swift Skin and Wound app

Swift Skin and Wound by Swift Medical is a digital wound management solution that integrates with leading healthcare EMRs in skilled nursing, home health, hospitals and health systems, said Melissa Alvares, vice president of marketing with Swift Medical in Toronto, Canada.

Swift Skin and Wound combines an app that can be used on any smartphone or tablet with a web-based dashboard that can be viewed on any computer. Access to the solution is via a paid subscription, usually at the healthcare organization level. But it is also used by individual clinicians and researchers.

“Swift Medical partnered with PointClickCare, an EMR used by 65% of all skilled nursing facilities in the U.S.,” Alvares said. “We also have a partnership with Healogics, which manages more than 55% of all wound care centers in the U.S. Swift has been rapidly expanding with partnerships with hospital and home health EMRs and is committed to ensuring our solution works throughout the continuum of care.”

Key features of the Swift Skin and Wound wound care app include:

  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Real-time wound photos are viewable on the dashboard and within the integrated EMR
  • App automatically measures length, width and depth of wounds (Healogics claims measurements are 44% more accurate than the ruler method)
  • Automates and standardizes the entire wound assessment
  • Identifies wounds at risk for worsening and alerts management
  • Built-in, enforceable workflows and best practices guide clinicians
  • Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) because information is not kept on hand-held units and is uploaded into the cloud
  • Compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act of 2004 in Canada (PHIPPA)

Wound care app compliance

As a clinician using wound care apps, you will want to ensure you:

  1. Adhere to your organization’s policies and procedures
  2. Protect your patients’ confidentiality
  3. Remain HIPPA compliant in all aspects of your use

Following these rules are essential not only for safeguarding patients’ privacy, but also for reducing your risk of legal liability.

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Carole Jakucs, MSN, RN, PHN, CDCES

Carole Jakucs, MSN, RN, PHN, CDCES, is a freelance writer and diabetes educator. Her background in nursing includes tenures in healthcare management and as a care provider. She has worked in med/surg/telemetry, a pediatric emergency department and college health.

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