Posts by Keisha Smith, MA, CWCMS

Wound Temperature and Healing

By Keisha Smith, MA, CWCMS

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to keep wounds moist and warm, But what’s the optimal temperature for healing a wound, and how do you maintain it? Read on for details. When moisture evaporates from a surface, the surface cools. Sweat operates by this principle. So, unfortunately, do wounds. Whenever a wound loses moisture, the […]

Lower Extremity Ulcers and the Toe Brachial Pressure Index

By Keisha Smith, MA, CWCMS

To treat patients with lower extremity ulcers, you need to find out if there’s impaired arterial blood flow. For some patients, however, the standard Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) yields misleading results. Fortunately, there’s an easy alternative: the Toe Brachial Pressure Index (TBPI).  Here’s when and how to perform this simple test. When confronting a lower […]

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