Social Media and Wound Care


Here you are reading this blog on about wound care. Whats all the buzz about Social Media anyway? For that matter what is Social Media and how do you use it? In short it is interacting with one another. Being social is part of our very fabric as humans and though we are Professionals, there is a social aspect to our encounters with patients. We learn from one another in social interaction, provide value, deliver goods and services, share emotions and much  more.

Providing wound care is no different. There is interaction with a care giver and a patient who needs the help, guidance and expertise of a wound care certified professional. We teach our patients with each new encounter, how to change dressings or discuss their status and/or prognosis. Sometimes those lessons stick and sometimes they don’t. What happens when the patients leave the clinic or office? What happens to the patients until the next encounter? Is there follow through? What interactive resources exist outside of the encounters we have with our patients?

Tools exist now for us to communicate beyond the clinic , nursing home or hospital. The very internet you are using now to read this blog post is under utilized. We are so connected and have an opportunity to share so much more through these tools. Facebook allows us to connect with friends and colleagues and even our patients. We have the opportunity to share our thoughts, ask questions, share photographs and videos. The potential for learning is nothing short than amazing! For virtually no cost, you can talk with someone on the other side of the country through services like Skype or ooVoo or iChat.

So my question and challenge to you is, How can you utilize these tools, this social media, to better serve your patients for wound care? Telemedicine? Consultation? What about sharing of ideas, pictures and videos on rare cases? We would love to hear how you picture Social Media being utilized by the medical profession and wound care certified nurses.


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