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How To Get Approval To Attend a Wound Care Conference

By Natalie Vaughn

Healthcare conferences and in-person training events are valuable opportunities for specialists and caregivers in any stage of their careers. After years of virtual formats due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees are eager to reengage face-to-face. With many organizations and health systems short on staff and budget, gaining approval to attend conferences can be challenging. Having […]

Diabetic Toenails: Watch for Change

By Tara Call Triplett, RN, WCC, CHFN

Changes in the diabetic foot can happen fast: here are the signs and types clinicians in wound care need to look for. As a wound care professional, chances are you’ve treated a number of nail conditions and abnormalities that occur among the general population. But when you’re working with diabetic patients, noticing and identifying variations […]

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