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Ability of patient to provide own ostomy care called into question

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

As a wound care nurse, you teach your patients how to care for their wounds, including a colostomy.

You teach them as they observe treatments you provide, such as ostomy care, while they are at a clinic.

It also includes orally reciting your care as you carry out treatment and direct the patient. This empowers them to understand what is required for appropriate personal care. 

You also might write down instructions and diagrams about required treatment that patients can take home and reference.

The teach-back method of patient instruction incorporates both of these approaches. This is when you have the patient repeat back what you instruct and demonstrate the care you described.

Any patient teaching also requires that the patient comprehend your:

  • Demonstration of care
  • Verbal instructions
  • Ability to carry out the treatment

Wound Documentation and Measurement with WoundZoom

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Does your facility have a system in place for wound documentation and measurement? Our partners at WoundZoom offer an overview of their wound management system. Find out it it’s right for you.

What are you using for wound documentation and measurement? Is it saving you time and helping your patients?

As wound clinicians, we all have the same goal: to reduce wound size and eventually heal them completely. Wound measurement is key to determining our progress and guiding our treatment decisions. In this short slide show, WoundZoom discusses how their wound management system measure and analyze tissue. For example, the system  captures percentages of necrotic, granulated, and slough tissue. Accurate analysis can then drive better wound care practices. And as we know, better practices mean better outcomes.

WoundZoom Wound Management System

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To learn more, visit In addition, you can reach out to them directly by calling (888) 237-0546 or emailing

Planning to attend 2017 Wild On Wounds national conference? Visit WoundZoom at booth #508 for a hands-on demonstration and to enter to win a FREE WoundZoom! (Giveaway terms and additional details available upon request).

WoundZoom WOW Giveaway

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