WCEI to Become Relias Wound Care — New Name. Same Mission

Published on October 21, 2021 by Tracy Lynn Rodgers, BSN, RN, LNCC, RN-CLTC, WCC, DWC

As you know, specializing in wound care is all about staying current to ensure you’re practicing the absolute latest standards of care — you are dedicated to constantly improving patient outcomes.

You are tireless in your work, your daily sacrifices, and all you do to provide the best possible wound care to your patients.

At WCEI, we share your commitment. We have always made decisions with this in mind — doing everything we can to share the latest best practices with wound care specialists and make sure we’re delivering you the most current information for your practice. This is why we first partnered with Relias, our parent company, in 2018. We saw the opportunity to reach even more people.

And with Relias, we’ve been able to do just that. Over the past several years, we’ve touched more healthcare organizations, more clinicians, more bedside practitioners to improve wound and ostomy care, heal more patients, and mitigate risk.

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to tell you that what you currently know as the Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) will become Relias Wound Care in 2022!

We’re aligning our look and feel with Relias to help spread our message further and wider, while expanding our offerings for nurses and other clinicians across the board. We’re continuing to take active steps to be a proven, central resource for wound care specialists and wound care education — a reliable, comprehensive library of the latest solutions to everyday wound care challenges and a whole lot more.

With this change, we’re working to create a more stable foundation and provide for you in ways that we may not have been able to before this venture. But make no mistake — we’ll have the same great instructors, the same great content, the same great community – that’s not going anywhere.

The active participation and open exchange between members of the wound care family and how we all work together, the alumni interactions on Wound Care Rocks, all this will remain in place and only stands to become more fruitful.

It is said that change is the only constant, and as anyone reading this knows well, that’s arguably truer in healthcare than many other industries. And with any change comes some level of trepidation. It’s only natural.

But to that I say again, this is exciting! It’s not every day that I get the opportunity to make an announcement like this one. And it’s not every day that I get to say thank you — thank you for being on this journey with us and on behalf of our Relias family, and the countless patients and families whose lives you impact every day — thank you. We’re excited for you to grow with us in this opportunity and within this greater experience.

Tracy Lynn Rodgers, BSN, RN, LNCC, RN-CLTC, WCC, DWC

Tracy Lynn Rodgers, BSN, RN, LNCC, RN-CLTC, WCC, DWC, has been practicing wound care for the last 30 years in the acute care, long-term care, assisted living, outpatient, and home care settings. Rodgers is a board certified Legal Nurse Consultant and has been teaching wound care and legal documentation courses for the past 15 years.